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Dec 3rd 2020

Best Chevy Suburban Suspension Upgrades

Best Chevy Suburban Suspension Upgrades

You can count on your Chevy Suburban to get you anywhere you need to go, whether it's your next adventure or a regular drive to the office. A full-size SUV with luxury refinement, the Chevrolet Suburban has all the comfort and convenience you need with serious storage capacity.

You expect a lot from your Suburban. And it performs — but like any vehicle, it needs occasional maintenance. Traveling over rough terrain and carrying heavy loads puts a lot of pressure on your leaf springs. A broken or worn-out leaf spring isn't hard to spot, but you'll probably feel the difference in a bumpier ride before you see it.

General Spring has everything you need to upgrade your Chevy Suburban's suspension.

Chevy Suburban Suspension Upgrades

Whether it's time to replace your Suburban's leaf springs or you're looking for accessories to upgrade the ones you currently have installed, General Spring has you covered with the parts you need.

Leaf Springs for Chevy Suburban

Have you noticed your Suburban sagging low to the ground or just not running as smoothly as usual? These are indicators that it may be time to replace your leaf springs.

Leaf springs are the most basic type of vehicle spring. Their sturdy, flexible design provides support for your Suburban, absorbing shock from bumps and potholes along the road. Upgrading your leaf springs will get you back on the road for a safer, smoother ride.

General Spring offers a wide selection of leaf springs for Chevy Suburbans of various makes and models.

Roadmaster Active Suspension

When you drive a Chevy Suburban, you know just how important it is to support high-capacity loads. Upgrade your existing leaf spring system with Roadmaster Active Suspension .

This system works with your new or existing leaf springs, acting as an all-in-one track bar, airbag and sway bar. Stabilize your suburban with General Spring's inventory of Chevrolet and GMC Roadmaster Active Suspension kits.

SuperSprings for Your Suburban

If you prefer additional security, consider SuperSprings. SuperSprings engage when your existing leaf springs are at maximum capacity, so you can still count on a smooth, controlled ride without swaying or sagging.

General Spring offers a variety of Chevy Suburban SuperSprings suspension kits , which you can easily install on top of your existing spring leaf system for extra support.

What's the General Spring Advantage?

General Spring has more than 50 years of experience you can trust when it comes to leaf springs and suspension upgrades. We have the parts you need in stock when you need them — no more searching for the right springs or waiting for other suppliers to get them in stock. We also offer fast, low-cost shipping nationwide.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is another benefit of choosing General Spring. When you call us for product recommendations and advice, you're getting support from the people who work in our shop every day.

Find leaf springs for your Chevrolet Suburban on our website today or contact us for further assistance placing your order. We look forward to getting you back on the road.