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Nov 8th 2021

How to Boost Truck Performance

How to Boost Truck Performance

All it takes to boost your truck's performance and haul more oversized loads than ever is a bit of investment in your suspension system. From  high-performance leaf springs to heavy-duty spring coils, countless measures can improve your truck hauling performance on a sliding scale of cost.

Boost your truck performance with the following upgrades from General Spring.

High-Performance Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are the keystone of your truck's suspension system and are integral to helping your vehicle support the weight of its loads. Leaf grips help your tires keep a tight grip on the road and regulate your wheelbase lengths as you start to speed or slow down. As your vehicle ages, its leaf springs begin to wear and require replacement. Cracked leaf springs can lead to vehicle sagging and swaying with little cause.

Replace your leaf springs at least once for every 12,000 miles that you drive. A high-performance leaf spring replacement can prevent your vehicle from beginning to sag while giving you added lift power. When you're ready to replace your leaf springs, it's important to get them replaced by a professional for quick, efficient operation.

General Spring has years of experience replacing truck suspension repairs and maintenance. We can straighten out leaf springs and put them together alongside a thorough inspection and replacement program. With all the knowledge we have up our sleeves, it only takes us a couple of hours to replace your leaf springs and get you back on the road.

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Axle-less Timbren Suspension Kits

Axle-less Timbren Suspension Kits help your truck carry heavier loads while reducing sway and increasing roll stability. Made from rubber, Timbren suspension systems allow your truck to carry overloads while preventing the chassis from bumping the axle, allowing you to optimize your vehicle's payload capacity with little risk. Your Timbren load boosters activate when your vehicle needs the support of the bumpers, whether on the front or rear of the vehicle.

Timbren Suspension Kits help with the following:

  • Body roll: Timbren progressive rate suspension kits keep your vehicle's weight distribution even so your truck won't start to lean on corners or curves. This helps improve your steering while reducing tire and brake wear.
  • Rough ride: With axle-less suspension kits, you can keep your ride smooth and save your truck from bumps in the road. The rubber cushions in each suspension kit work together to eliminate road shock for a stable ride.
  • Suspension sag: If you and your vehicle frequently tow heavy loads at the far end of your truck's maximum capacity, its suspension will begin sagging and bottoming out. Suspension kits reduce the chance of suspension sag by increasing maximum load capacity and vehicle stability.
  • Trailer sway: Suspension difficulties cause your ruck to sway when caught in crosswinds or passed by heavy vehicles. Timbren suspension enhancements work to sense your truck's body movement and automatically stabilize.

Axle-less Timbren Suspension Kits are among the easiest to install and maintain in the industry. They have no fittings or airlines that could cause leaks and are maintained by simply bolting on the kit. With no holes to drill or airlines to route, you can fit or replace your Axle-less Timbren Suspension Kit in a matter of minutes. Each Timbren Suspension Kit comes with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

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Leaf Spring Shackles

Leaf spring shackles are free-hanging connectors that connect your leaf springs to your vehicle's frame. Despite their small size, the leaf spring shackle helps your leaf springs flex and adjust while you drive to distribute your load more evenly. Without leaf shackles, springs would have nowhere to move as they flatten out, causing the suspension system to become rigid.

Leaf springs are the most affordable piece to replace in your suspension. Leaf spring shackles are frequently included with leaf spring kits if you wish to replace both parts at once. When replacing your leaf spring shackles, tighten the shackles until snug and then loosen them with a one-quarter turn. It's essential not to overtighten your leaf spring shackles, as they will not move across the springs appropriately, and it could prevent them from functioning.

If you're looking to modify your truck to increase its load, consider getting longer leaf spring shackles that give your leaf springs more room to travel. Longer leaf spring shackles give your ride increased ground clearance alongside taller ride height.

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Heavy Duty Coil Springs for Trucks

Heavy-duty coil springs are built to absorb as much of your truck's weight as possible. Therefore, higher quality coil springs equal higher quality towing. By upgrading your coil springs to a heavy-duty model, you can increase your maximum towing capacity without causing your vehicle to sag. Your truck might need heavy-duty coil springs if you perform the following activities regularly:

  • Transport goods: If you're regularly hauling heavy loads and helping deliver materials, you need heavy-duty coil springs to protect your truck.
  • Plow snow: Snowplows are highly susceptible to sagging and damage from exceeding maximum capacity and the strain of their job. To get the most out of your truck during the winter months and protect it from damage, you should replace your existing springs with high-quality spring coils.
  • Perform agricultural tasks: Working in agriculture means putting your truck to work with frequent towing and hauling jobs. Heavy-duty coil springs allow your truck to move more equipment, brush and even animals from one place to another.
  • Recreational activities: If you frequently use your truck to haul recreational equipment, consider installing high-quality spring coils to protect your vehicle from sagging and swaying. In addition to helping you tow, heavy-duty coil springs will make your truck ride smoother while hauling your recreational equipment and improve the overall safety of your ride.

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Find Powerful Suspension Equipment at General Spring

At General Spring, we've been a leaf spring and suspension authority since 1965. We provide suspension products including leaf springs, shackles, add-a-leaf, load supports and more to truckers all across the United States. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or full-time driver, we can help you find the right quality product for your vehicle.

We create powerful leaf springs built for the specific challenges of the following brands:

When you choose General Spring products, you get access to fast shipping no matter where you are in the country. Contact us online and see the difference General Spring leaf springs can make for you today.