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Heavy-Duty Coil Springs for Cars and Trucks

Over time and under consistent stress, many types of vehicles with leaf spring suspensions will begin to show signs of wearing down. Whether you own or manage fleet vehicles or are repairing, rebuilding or retrofitting a personal or work pickup, HD coil springs are often the best solution for under-sprung bodies and sagging front ends. While heavy-duty rear coil springs are often used on trucks to provide additional lift and support, front HD coil springs are especially effective in applications where a large amount of weight is put on the front end.

If you’re searching for a reliable source of heavy-duty truck coil springs, General Spring is the trusted source with over 50 years of experience. Our knowledgeable team will assist in analyzing your needs to find the coil spring replacements that represent the right fit depending on the make and model of truck and desired usage. Shop our complete selection of HD coil springs, or give us a call for help placing your order.

Large Variety of Heavy-Duty Coil Springs in Stock

When you’re in the market for an economic and effective load handling solution for trucks, pickups, vans and motorhomes, you’re sure to find what you need within our extensive selection. We carry heavy-duty rear coil springs and front coil springs for all different types of Chevy, Ford and Dodge Ram vehicles that improve handling and ride quality for safer and more efficient performance. You’ll find heavy-duty coil springs for cars and trucks for a range of applications and rated load capacities to fit your specific needs.

Featured in our inventory are heavy-duty coil springs designed to help trucks carry and tow bigger loads while elevating the ride height to its optimal level. HD coil springs are among the only solutions for vehicles with shock absorbers mounted inside the coil spring, and are a smart choice for diesel engine trucks and automobiles fitted with snow plows or over-sized bumpers. Whether your suspension looks spent, you’re worried about creaking and sagging leaf springs or you want to outfit your truck for a special application, General Spring has everything you require at a competitive price

Advantages of our HD truck coil springs include:

  • Extra strong, North American sourced alloy steel
  • No maintenance or additional adjustments
  • One-year warranty and limited lifetime coverage
  • Fast shipping throughout the United States

Ordering HD Coil Springs From General Spring

We understand your need for cost-effective aftermarket products that enhance your vehicle and perform as reliably as original factory equipment. At General Spring, all of the products we sell and ship are carefully tested and inspected before leaving our facilities. Should you have any issues with installation or if you require a custom solution, our live representatives are always just a call or click away.

Fix your sagging front or back end and give your truck the support necessary to carry heavy loads with improved safety and handling. Give us a call or contact us online for more information.